Jewish and Christian pastoral theologies live in dialogue with one another, but too often that dialogue is not given voice. This course includes pastoral theological approaches to theodicy, suffering, and grief. We explore pastoral praxis in light of multiple covenants and comparative pastoral theologies.

Prerequisite: PS 101/110 or equivalent; or one unit of CPE.

Note: Identical to JTS-PAS 7435. All students register for waitlist and pending approval, are enrolled in the course.Total enrollment limited to twenty students.

The earth must be the ground zero of our thinking and practice. In this course, we learn about the ways our world is organized around a capitalistic system called extractivism. Extractivism is the ongoing work of coloniality, the ripping off of all natural and human resources, exterminating life on earth. This system organizes the political, theological, economic and emotional resources of the anthropocene. We also learn how to respond to this way of being by creating rituals and liturgies based on readings, discussions and site visits.