An introduction to the complex historical, literary and theological worlds of the New Testament. Core texts of the Gospels, Acts, Paul and Revelation are examined within their Roman imperial, Hellenistic and Jewish colonial contexts – and with an eye to past and current interpretational struggles at the intersection of gender, race, class and religion. Can students learn how to read "with new eyes?"

Notes: Required for MDiv students completing option A of the Bible/Sacred Texts requirement. Weekly tutorial required.

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This course offers a condensed introduction to the core texts, narrative trajectories, historical backgrounds and theological concerns of the Bible as the canonical book both of Christianity and Western civilization. Key questions regarding the ethics of scriptural interpretation in the context of race, gender, class, ecology and an increasingly inter/nonreligious environment are discussed.

Notes: Required for MA students. Required for MDiv students completing option B of the Bible requirement. Weekly tutorial required.

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