The overall goals of the year-long Thesis Seminar are to improve the quality of theses, and to strengthen the research and writing skills of students. The specific objectives for the fall include: (1) helping students formulate manageable research questions and (2) identifying resources for addressing those questions. In the fall semester, students will craft a satisfactory thesis proposal and a working resource list. The specific objectives for the spring include enabling students (1) to write a thesis and (2) to participate in larger scholarly discussions about their work. For the spring semester, students will craft an outline, first draft, and final draft. Assignments for the course will align with the established deadlines for Union theses and will be based on milestones in the process of completing a Master’s thesis. Students need to complete both semesters and register for UT 420 or UT 422 in the spring, in order to receive credit for the completion of a Master’s thesis.