Around the world, a new evidence-based paradigm is informing the work of healthcare chaplains and spiritual care providers. Fulfilling the potential of the evidence-based paradigm for healthcare chaplaincy requires that all chaplains, and those who educate them, become research literate. Being research literate means 1) having the ability to critically read and understand basic research, and, if indicated, apply the findings of research studies to one’s chaplaincy practice, and 2) being generally familiar with the existing body of chaplaincy research including topics that have been studied and important areas for future research. The aim of this course is to provide students with a beginning level of research literacy in both senses of the term. This is primarily accomplished by reading chaplaincy- related research and presenting critical summaries of selected studies to the class.

Prerequisite: Restricted to DMin students.

Notes: Meets from August 17-28. Additional fees not charged for identity verification in distance education programs.