This online course looks closely at the early Buddhist teachings on ethical behavior, meditation theory and practice, and the role of wisdom in an integrated path of spiritual development. Key passages from the Pāli Tipitaka have been extracted from a wide range of texts, organized around the broad themes of sīla (ethics), samādhi (meditation), and paññā (wisdom), and arranged side-by-side in both the original Pāli and a new English translation. Commentary is offered on both the English and the Pāli (describing translation issues around some of the more common and important terms), along with guidelines for investigating each of the teachings in one’s own experience and integrating each in one’s own practice.

Prerequisite: Restricted to degree-seeking students.

Notes: Fulfills Bible/Sacred Texts requirement for MDiv students with a concentration in Buddhism and Interreligious Engagement. Additional fees not charged for identity verification in distance education programs. Identical to STX 210.