The doctrines of creation and Christology have immediate, urgent relevance for the crises the world faces today, and are central to the Christian tradition. This course dives deeply into recent engagements with the doctrines of creation and christology, in a format that emphasizes historical perspective, critique/deconstruction, and subsequent construction. Rather than offer set doctrinal positions, this course emphasizes the dialogic construction of doctrinal content in contemporary theological conversations around creation and christology. We compare and contrast the propositions of specific theologians, as well as put the two doctrines in conversation. Theologians are all part of the discourse and community of constructive theology, and themes include feminism, womanism, race critical approaches, anti-colonial, and environmentalism/environmental justice, and the ways these overlap. The course culminates in a creative or constructive prose final project.

Prerequisite: ST 103 or ST 104 or permission of the instructor.