The U.S./Mexico border is approximately 2,000 miles long and is the only border in the world between a “first” world nation and a nation in the global south. Tejana activist and writer Gloria Anzaldúa has described it as the place “where the Third World grates against the first and bleeds.” This immersion course examines the multi-layered realities of this border region and how these realities make themselves felt in the Spanish-speaking communities that inhabit both sides of the Río Grande. Some issues that are examined include the history of the Texas/US border, the historical imagination, immigration, nationhood and citizenship, globalization and the maquiladora industry, gender and poverty, with a focus on how these realities challenge the ethical concerns of the U.S. church.

Prerequisites: CH 249. Permission of the instructor.

Note: Students are expected to attend meetings, prior to the trip.